Latino Medical Student Association--Northeast

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Home Executive Council

2015-2016 Co-Director

Gricelda (Gigi) Gomez


Southern California (Chula Vista and Los Angeles)


Undergraduate School:

UC Berkeley


Medical School:

Harvard Medical School


When did you become involved with LMSA? What encouraged you to become part of LMSA?

I have been involved in LMSA since I was in undergrad. Ever since then, I have been hooked and have never let go. In CA and at UC Berkeley – LMSA was such a driving force in my trajectory to medical school. I remember the year I was studying for the MCAT, I was working full-time and was only about a month away from my exam and thought it was crunch time! The LMSA West/National Conference was held at UC Irvine that same year. At first, thinking wrongly, I did not have the time. But, convinced by my good friends, I took a break and went. It was the best decision ever! Being surrounded by role models, peers, colleagues was invigorating and motivating. It is always great to visit and interact with friends I hadn’t seen in a long time. But, most of all, it was great to get the encouragement at that point in time to keep on pushing!


LMSA like family – we all help each other out. I have received a tremendous amount of support. And I continue to love and be a part of this organization because I enjoy paying it forward to those who are in the place I once stood.


What do you expect to accomplish this year as Co-Director?

As Co-Director, I am really excited about working alongside Cindy and the entire board. In addition to doing great work in mentorship and improving Latino health, I have the incredible opportunity to get to know professionally and personally individuals with different perspectives but with an underlying similar interest that brings us together.


On an organizational level, my goal for LMSA-NE is to work more closely with other regional chapters and LMSA-National in order to unify our voice and make our efforts stronger to continue to work on our mission.


Career Goals:

I will be completing my MPH in Health Policy this year which I am excited about. My interests lie in Latino health and Women’s health. I believe OB/Gyn will ultimately the specialty I choose for my career and use my clinical experience to advocate for my patients by developing and supporting public health policies that will improve the health of the Latino community and other underserved populations.



Boston winters and third year have made me become reclusive and hibernate in my apartment for a better part of the past year. My heart still continues to be a wanderlust and I enjoy exploring the amazing sites and events the Northeast has to offer. But, I have found so much enjoyment in enjoying the night in with my sister (who moved to Boston last year for college!) or friends, watching a good movie, and enjoying a glass of wine.


But, I look forward to becoming more active and getting back to swimming and soccer, which I love!


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