Latino Medical Student Association--Northeast

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Home Executive Council

2015-2016 Conference Co-Chair

Adrianna Stanley

Undergraduate School

Harvard College

Medical School

Dartmouth Medical School

 When did you become involved in LMSA? What encouraged you to be a part of LMSA?

Reflecting on my first year at Dartmouth, I would have to say that my transition to medical school was somewhat bittersweet.  While I was surrounded by a group of extremely accomplished individuals with amazing experiences to share, I also found myself transplanted into an unfamiliar community where I often felt isolated and misunderstood.  When I attempted to turn to what is most familiar, constant, and comfortable in my life – my Latino community – I found that it was fragmented, struggling, and almost invisible within the Dartmouth environment.  If I was going to survive four years of medical school here, I knew that I would need a supportive community – one that I could call mi familia.  With that, I asked Freddy Vazquez to be my co-chair, and together, we founded the first LMSA chapter in Dartmouth Medical School’s 218-year history.

What do you expect to accomplish this year in your position?

Set in the beautiful woods of Hanover, New Hampshire, Dartmouth is LMSA NE’s northern-most chapter and uniquely poised as one of the few rural medical schools in the nation.  It is my hope, as conference co-chair, to invite LMSA members to experience New England, expand their horizons, and learn about the diversity of healthcare practice throughout the United States.  In addition, I am excited to bring mi familia to Dartmouth in order to demonstrate to our faculty, staff, and Hanover residents, the importance of a strong cohesive Latino community and our role in the future of healthcare delivery.

Career goals?

Viruses. Bacteria. Fungi. Protozoa. Parasites.  As new transmissible diseases continue to emerge, I hope to become an infectious disease physician with a focus in global health and tropical medicine.  Additionally, I aim to pursue a career in academic medicine so that aspiring Latina pre-meds can have somewhere to turn.


I love to sing, dance, and cook.  If you can’t find me in the library, I might just be traveling the world, experiencing different cultures, and studying on the plane.


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