Latino Medical Student Association--Northeast

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2015-2016 Co-Director Elect

Seva Khambadkone


Undergraduate School:

The (!) Ohio State University


Medical School:

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine


When did you become involved in LMSA? What encouraged you to be a part of LMSA?

I had the opportunity to co-organize the 2015 NE Conference, “Creando Alianzas In Solidarity for Latino Health,” and through the process got to develop alliances myself with some incredible Latino and allied medical students, faculty, and community members at my medical school and across the Northeast.  LMSA has become a family to me, and I’m thrilled to get to continue to work with and learn from our members and allies toward the LMSA vision of human equity in healthcare and beyond.

What do you expect to accomplish this year in your position?

I’m so excited to work with the executive council in serving LMSA-NE and strengthening our membership’s collective voice as Latino and allied medical students.  LMSA is an umbrella for so many broad initiatives—mentorship, policy, service, education and awareness—but centered around a common vision of Latino equity in health care and beyond.  I seek to serve this vision through supporting Gigi, Cindy, and each of the other council members in their roles, and identifying and working to address any other unmet organization and membership needs.  In particular I hope to build relationships both within the LMSA family and with other organizations and entities toward Latino health, contributing to translating our large-scale vision into large-scale action.


Career goals:

I’m interested in neurodevelopment and the influence of biological and social environment on the brain.  I seek to better understand this relationship in the context of the environmental challenges faced by low-resource and marginalized populations toward the implementation of evidence-based, empowerment-driven interventions.  This is the first year of the PhD part of my training and I’m beyond excited, so if ya want to talk poo or rat brains (or both!), I’m your gal.


Reading, heart-to-hearts and brain-to-brains, adventures, the outside.

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