Latino Medical Student Association--Northeast

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2015-2016 Conference Co-Chair

Fernando (Freddy) Alfredo Vazquez

Undergraduate School

University of Chicago

Medical School

Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth

When did you become involved in LMSA? What encouraged you to be a part of LMSA?

Having been born and raised in the south side of Chicago, cultural diversity was never lacking in my day-to-day routine. Seeing and interacting with people from all backgrounds was my norm. Before moving to New Hampshire, my family asked if I was going to be okay without “my people.” It was honestly something I had not considered and something that did not bother me until going several months without eating a tortilla. It was during my venting of this miniscule annoyance that I began to notice ignorance of my culture, and although there are more Latinos at Dartmouth than I anticipated, we were a very diffuse and fragmented population.

While at a party towards the end of fall term of our first year, Adrianna Stanley approached me about starting an LMSA chapter at Dartmouth. I was on board instantly, and the rest is history.

What do you expect to accomplish this year in your position?

I want to organize a conference that will usher Dartmouth into the LMSA and the LMSA into Dartmouth. I want to showcase our culture to my peers and I want to provide knowledge of northern New England to my LMSA family. Most importantly, it is my hope that this conference acts as the catalyst to bringing more robust and continuous Latino representation to Dartmouth.

Career goals?

I want to practice emergency medicine back home. Then again, a few months ago I wanted to go into surgery. I’m only in my first year so I’m keeping an open mind… expect for when it comes to primary care.


I used to be athletic, so now I like to work out and pretend I still am. I always enjoyed the outdoors, but didn’t really get into hiking until I moved to NH. There are some great trails around here. Traveling is always fun as well.



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